Episode 3 – The First Day, Part One

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“Okay, Tyler, are you ready? Say ‘cheese’!” his mom said as she took his picture. Today was Tyler’s first day of kindergarten. He was very excited. It seemed like it was taking forever for the bus to get to his house. Earlier, his mom had told him that the bus is usually a little late on the first day of school. She said that it can be very scary for some children to leave their parents and get on the bus and they need a little extra time to say goodbye. But not Tyler, in fact, it was hard for him to believe that there was a time when he didn’t even want to go to kindergarten. He asked his mom, “Remember, after the picnic, when I told you that I had been scared about kindergarten?” “I sure do,” she answered. Tyler’s mom had told him that this was a new experience for her, too. And even though she was excited she wasn’t so sure she was going to like him being away at school. She was going to miss him! Hearing that had made him feel very special.

“The bus should be here any minute. Do you remember the rules and how to get on and off properly?” she asked him. “Yes,” he answered. “I really listened when dad and I went to school for my practice bus ride.” Just then, they heard the bus and then they saw it turn onto their street. Tyler’s mom said, “On the ride home, don’t get off anywhere but at our house. If you’re not sure, just stay on the bus. I’m really going to miss you! I’ll be waiting right here when you get home! I love you!” The bus stopped at their driveway and there wasn’t time to say anything else. Tyler and his mom did their special handshake and he posed as she took one more picture before he hopped on the bus. He found a seat and waved to his mom. He also waved to his little brother, who had been waiting in the stroller. He could still see his mom waving as the bus turned at the bend in the road.

Tyler thought the bus ride was cool. There were a few other kids on the bus but no one that he knew. After a few minutes, when the bus made one of its stops, Tyler saw Miranda and her mom and a little boy waiting in a driveway. Tyler had thought of Miranda when his mom told him about it being hard for some kids to get on the bus for the first time. But Tyler saw Miranda give her mom a big hug and a big kiss. Then he heard her say, “Bye Mama! Bye Ethan!” She got right on the bus and sat in the seat across the aisle from him. “Hi,” he said. “I’m Tyler.” “Hi, I remember you.” Miranda answered. Tyler told her, “I’m glad you’re not sad about school.” “Me, too.” she replied. She then continued, “My mom told me that only big girls get to go to school and I like going somewhere that my little brother isn’t allowed to go. I bet my brother misses me while I’m at school; I hope he’s okay without me, he usually needs me to tell him what to do.”

The bus arrived at the school. It pulled up to the big glass doors. The driver opened the bus doors and told them that they could get out. They were all a bit hesitant as they walked into the building but then they saw three ladies standing in the hallway waiting for them. Tyler recognized two of the women; they were Miss Nell & Mrs. Green but the other lady he had never seen before. They all smiled and greeted everyone while they lined the children up according to the color of their name tags. Tyler’s tag was blue which that meant he was in Miss Nell’s class. He got into the line for her class. Then he saw Jerome standing at the front of Miss Nell’s line. Tyler waved to him but Jerome just rolled his eyes. Once they were all in line, Miss Nell said, “When you go into the classroom, please hang your backpack on the hook under your star and then go to the rug and sit down.”

Tyler remembered where his hook was; he walked right to it, hung up his backpack and found a seat on the rug. Once all the children had sat down, Miss Nell said, “The other bus hasn’t arrived yet so we’ll just chat a few minutes until it gets here. I know you’re all very excited. You’re at a new school. You’ll be meeting new friends…” “Miss Nell, we don’t eat friends!!” yelled Miranda. All the children giggled. Miss Nell smiled as she responded, “I said ‘meeting’ new friends not ‘eating’ new friends!” Then she explained the seating system. She said, “There are eighteen students in our class this year. I have divided you up into three groups. Each group is assigned to a table. You will sit at your assigned table with your group each day when you come in and at several other times throughout the day. At each seat, there is a name card. Okay, you may now go and look for your name and then have a seat.”

Tyler checked the first table, no card with ‘Tyler’ written on it. He moved on to the second table, still no ‘Tyler’. He thought, “I hope Miss Nell hasn’t forgotten me again.” Just then, Miss Nell said, “Don’t worry Tyler; your name is at the third table. I didn’t forget you this time!” Tyler smiled and sat down. Jerome, Miranda and a little girl who was sitting with her chin down and looked like she had been crying, were already sitting at the table. There were two empty chairs at their table. The other two members of their group must be on the other bus.

The bus finally pulled up and Miss Nell told them to stay in their seats and talk quietly while she went to greet the bus and bring the children into the classroom.

Tyler and Jerome talked a little, Miranda talked a lot and the other girl still wasn’t looking at anyone or saying anything. Miranda asked her what her name is but she didn’t answer. That didn’t seem to stop Miranda; she just kept right on talking. She told Jerome, “Even though your mom is the principal, you’ll probably need me to help you.” “No, I won’t.” was all that Jerome said. Miranda then turned back to the little girl and asked, “Are you a little nervous? It’s okay if you are. I used to be scared about kindergarten.” “Me, too.” added Tyler. Jerome surprised them by joining in and saying, “Yeah, even I wasn’t so sure at first.” The little girl looked up and said, “Really? But I miss my mommy.” Miranda said, “I miss my mommy, too. I love being with her all the time but school is going to be fun!” Then Miranda asked her again, “What’s your name?” This time, the little girl responded, “Aleisha”.

Just then Miss Nell and the other children started coming into the room. Tyler thought, “I’m sitting at a table with; know-it-all Jerome, talks-a-lot Miranda and crying Aleisha. I wonder who else is going to be in my group.”

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