Presidents Day

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In February we take the time to honor the men who have served our country as president. Talk to your children about this important role in our country – past, present and future!

In addition to talking or reading about our presidents, use money as a learning tool for this event. Anything that covers multiple skills is worth spending time on and when you use money you are covering history and counting; not to mention sneaking in a money lesson.

Your children have probably all heard of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Acknowledging Presidents Day opens up a way to introduce them to expanding their knowledge about presidents without it sounding (too) boring!

How many presidents can you name? Who was the 15th president (James Buchanan) or the 20th president (James Garfield)?

Have there been any presidents from the state that you live in?

The most common first name among our presidents is James. Can you name any of them? (Hint: two of them are listed above!)

Which state is known as the birth place of presidents? (Virginia) How many were born there? (8)

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