Valentine’s Crafts

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Heart Collages

You and your child can cut out hearts to make a collage. You can use different colors of paper and cut hearts of different sizes. If your child wants to use blue or green, that’s okay. They don’t have to use traditional Valentine’s Day colors. In the years to come when you pull out a Valentine’s Day collage covered in blue hearts it will remind you of the year that their favorite color was blue. If you prefer not to cut out all of those hearts, you can use a heart punch or foam hearts.


Heart Streamers

Items needed:
Red, pink or white streamers
Red, pink or white paper

Cut strips of streamers
Cut out heart shapes from paper
Glue hearts onto the streamers.

You can create a colorful pattern of streamers and hearts to hang in doorways or anywhere around your house.

Heart Pig

Items needed:
Red construction paper
Wiggle eyes
Black marker

Take an 8 ½ x 11 piece of red construction paper and fold in half and cut out a heart.
Cut another 8 ½ x 11 piece of red construction paper and cut it into ¼ so that you have 4 square pieces of paper.
Take one square and fold it in half and cut out a heart shape to make one ear.
Do the same with another square to make the second ear.
Glue the ear hearts upside down to the top of the big heart.
Take another square piece of paper and cut a heart smaller than the ears and glue it upside down in the middle of the big heart to make the nose.
Glue wiggle eye on or draw the eyes with a marker or crayon.
Draw a mouth.

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