Valentine’s Family Activities

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Plan and cook a meal together
Write a poem together
Have a dance party
Write a note to an older family member or neighbor for Valentine’s Day
Host a board game party at your house
Buy heart shaped craft beads and string some to make a necklace
Decorate a paper by using heart stamps
Glue conversation hearts to a plate (This is also a great small motor skill activity!)
Make a breakfast of heart shaped items

Create a family heart

Items needed:
Poster board
Pink or red construction paper

Cut a large heart out of the poster board.
Cut out smaller hearts from the construction paper
Each family member should choose a heart and write something nice on it about another family member.
Glue the heart notes onto the big heart.

You can continue choosing hearts and writing messages until everyone has written one for everyone. Or you could draw names and have each person write several hearts about one person.


To help your children with shape and color recognition we have chosen the heart shape and the color red for February. You will increase your child’s awareness just by taking the time to do a few simple activities this month.

Some suggestions include:
Look for things that are red. You could go on a color hunt in your house or you could count how many red cars you see on the way to school or count how many red items you can find while grocery shopping.
Play with red Play-Doh.
Draw a picture using only a red crayon or marker.
Wear red.

Help your child trace and cut out red hearts. (Hint: heart shaped cookie cutters are great for tracing heart shapes!)
Look for heart shapes while shopping. You can find them even when it’s not Valentine ’s Day on things like cereal boxes.

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