Read Across America Day 2015

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Celebrating Read Across America Day is a great excuse to be silly and act like a kid. Sometimes, I feel that these days even kids need an excuse to act like a kid. I love the zaniness of a Dr. Seuss book! I love that Read Across America Day is about reading for fun and being entertained by what you have read. There is so much required reading in school that kids have forgotten (or have never been taught) that reading is fun. So, go ahead and wear a silly hat, sing a silly song or try green eggs and ham!

If you are just now remembering that today is Read Across America Day, it’s not too late to plan something special. Some schools and libraries celebrate all week. You can pull off a great week of fun with simple planning and little or no expense.

Ideas for at school
Wednesday – Wear Red Day
Thursday – Crazy Hair Day
Friday – Make Cat in the Hat hats and have all of your students bring in their favorite Dr. Seuss book. Ask your students to write a silly poem inspired by Dr. Seuss.

What thinks Willy? Who cares, go ahead and be Silly! Silly isn’t liked by Billy? Throw him out where it is chilly! Silly can be thrilly. Not sure? Go ask Milly!

Ideas for at home
Read a Dr. Seuss book as a bedtime story or act out your favorite book.
Cook meals inspired by Dr. Seuss stories.
Who Pudding or Who Roast Beef, Green eggs and ham, Cat in the Hat tub cake

Personalize your celebration and remember the most important part is having fun!

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