National Poetry Month

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Did you know that April is National Poetry Month?

National Poetry Month was created in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. By creating a month of poetry recognition, the Academy hopes to increase the attention that poetry receives in the media as well as increase the usage of poetry in school curriculum. Other goals of the Academy include highlighting the achievements of American poets and increasing the amount of poetry that is published.

The Academy of American Poets encourages schools, libraries and book sellers to participate in National Poetry Month and supplies free lesson plans and tip sheets for increased involvement.

I‘m not sure how or why poetry got the reputation for being dull, boring and uninteresting, but that assessment couldn’t be farther from the truth. Disagree? What about the books created by Dr. Seuss? When I’m reading a children’s book that rhymes, I’m always fascinated by the fact that a writer has the ability to tell a story and create rhymes all in one book.

If you don’t think your child will like poetry, but they like stories about animals, try a rhyming book about animals. The National Geographic Book of Animals is a beautiful book. The up close and detailed pictures of nature will make it a favorite with your kids and one that they will ask for again and again.

Do you have a child who is suspicious of rhyming books but loves dinosaurs and baseball? Then Dino-Baseball is an excellent choice. This book will be a ‘hit’ among the Pre-K to second grade crowd. It is cleverly written and balances the dual theme of dinosaurs and baseball very well. As you read this story, you will find it hard to decide who to root for; the carnivores or the herbivores. Or as it states in the book, the Green Sox vs. the Rib Eye Reds. The illustrations are vibrant and detailed and it’s just the right length for bedtime story reading. Adults will appreciate the ease with which the dino names can be pronounced.

It’s never too early to introduce your baby to poetry or to learning colors. Fortunately, both can be accomplished in Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a book that your baby can enjoy as soon as they are able to sit in your lap and it’s likely to continue to be a favorite for many years. The colors hold the attention of the youngest listener and it introduces the concepts of recognizing and naming colors and animals. Your baby will be learning without knowing it as the text in it provides repetition and rhyming; both are vital to laying a solid foundation for pre-reading and early reading skills.

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